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Bugatti Chiron, The Majesty

Bugatti Chiron – the most powerful, fastest and most luxurious cars in the world shine under the floodlights of the motor show in Geneva and instantly made history.

Speculation confirmed. Chiron moves monstrous 8,0 W16 quad-turbo engine developing a staggering 1,500 horsepower. And not only that, 1.600 Nm maximum torque is available in almost the entire range of engine operation from 2000 to 6000 rev / min.

Bugatti Chiron Front LightBugatti Chiron Front Blue
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Translated, this means that Chiron to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds and to 300 km / h in 13.6 seconds, while top speed (for now) for a limited time is “only” 420 km / h.

Computer simulations and test runs showed that Chiron could without modification to reach speeds up to 463 km / h. According to preliminary information Chiron spends less than 20l per 100km.

Bugatti Chiron Rear View BlueBugatti Chiron Rear View

Volkswagen Golf II Defeats 1000 hp and Show Incredibly Power at Nuerburgring Nordschleife

Volkswagen Golf II in this region gained almost cult status, although the days of his popularity is already behind us, he can still surprise … especially this one, which won the Nurburgring Nordschleife “task” to be “mobile camera” on Ariel Atom!

By now I had a chance to see the legendary Volkswagen-s Golf II cars forged,  “Built” for drag racing nearly 1,000 horses, which the ¼ mile leave behind far more exotic and far more expensive super cars.

Volkswagon Golf MK4 Dual Halo Black Projector Headlights

This Volkswagen Golf II of the video is difficult barely 1000 kg and is equipped with a mechanical compressor, after the engine releases around 300 horsepower. All started with the need for closer shot Ariel Atom at Nurburgring ! See:

Volkswagen Golf MK2 vs Supercharged Ariel Atom :

Sport Coupe GTE of Volkswagen at Geneva International Motor Show, Technology Innovation

Volkswagen in Geneva first presented the concept named Sport Coupe GTE, which is a kind of prelude to the new generation of model Passat CC.

The Auto Show in Geneva Volkswagen display some of its many interesting concepts, of which the most interesting audience probably was Sport Coupe Concept GTE, in fact, herald a new generation of the Passat CC.

Besides the classic bodywork forms for this class of vehicle, Sport Coupe GTE decorates and modern designed front of the vehicle, which will be the direction for the next generation of models of Volkswagen, and in that light groups are skillfully integrated into the big mask on front.


Motor unit concept is a hybrid system that makes up the 1.4 liter TSI unit and an electric motor, both for now still undiscovered by force. The car provides a fantastic consumption (if you can believe the factory data) of only two liters per 100 kilometers.

Full Review of Sport Coupe GTE of Volkswagen at Geneva International Motor Show :