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Smart Digital Car Registration Plates

The Reviver Auto company with California car dealers offers digital license plates called Rplate, the size of the standard, but resembling the iPad, costing just as much as $ 699 for installation and $ 7 per month.

What does this expensive high-tech registration plates offer to ordinary users?

Firstly, it automatically registers the vehicle – there is no need to rebuild via the online service and add a new sticker to the board. The location of the vehicle can be monitored if it is stolen, and it can personalize the appearance of the information it displays.


Smart Digital Registration Plates

Rplate can automatically charge tolls and parking as well as display information important to other drivers (for example, when a police searches for a vehicle, its description is written on the board if someone notices it to appear). Unfortunately it can also be the target of hacker attacks in the future because in order to pay these things, you will probably need to have some access to information related to your bank account or cards.

Nissan GTR, Believe Me You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This on The Streets …

In this video, all members of our editorial board had mild dizziness and could not believe their own eyes.

Believe me, we are still being impressed, but hardly wait for this amazing video to share with you. In it, Nissan GT-R R35 driving down the highway when the car (of which actually captures), approaching clearly putting that knowledge wants duel.


Licensed Nissan GTR R35 NISMO GT3 Electric Remote Control RC Car 1:16 Scale Ready to Run RTR w/ Bright LED Front & Rear Lights (Colors May Vary)

The moment the car will overtake by Nissan, anyone would think that the battle is over for the winning vehicle it produces incredible sound engine, which does not give much hope for the opponent. But wait a minute, what was that ?!

Nissan GTR. Guaranteed, you’ve never seen anything like this on the streets …

Lexus RC F, New Member of The Club of Super Exotic Dubai

In the elite club of exotic cars, police forces of Dubai these days have added recently launched Lexus RC F.

Dubai Police is already known for its incredibly rich and exotic fleet, among other things constitute Bugatti Veyron, Aston Martin One-77, McLaren MP4-12C, Mercedes-Benz SLS and many other beasts.


KingCK Lexus 1 Min Easy Installation No Drilling No Wiring High Definition Car Door Courtesy Light Ghost Shadow Light Logo Projector Door Step Light Pack of 2

These days, they were joined by another new member, maybe not so exotic, but certainly attractive, interesting and not so often seen on the roads. At stake is the recently launched Lexus RC F, which moves 5.0 liter V8 engine with a power of 467 horse … Could this RC F is just a step or interim solution until you get more exotic “Japanese”, Lexus LFA ?

Lexus RC F, New Judge on Dubai Street :

Lexus RC F, Let’s See Video Review of New Runner :

Police Recommendation! Avoid Road Rage Always, Because You Can Regret Later

Interesting situations of everyday life that can be instructive. Do you belong to the group of drivers who are aggressive and always ready to fight with the driver from opposite car?  Do you enjoy at road rage ? Before you take any action better think. This video let exemplifies why it is better not to start a hassle when you have a problem on the road, when someone else drive you cut in front suddenly.



Keep More Safety on the Road –

SDX Xenon HID Headlight DC “Premium” Conversion Kits


Avoid Road Rage, Check Out Why:

Felino CB7 Car That Breathtaking, A New Challenge on The Road

The first model of the company Felino CB7 for the true lovers of the world of sports and competition, with his control can help you find the right comfort that you do not become professional “runners”.

Canada is known for … hmm … a high standard, low temperatures … Probably no one who has not lived in Canada can enumerate at least five authentic Canadian products and brands, but e fact that Canadians are not very well known by the general public anything, eg. as Italians or Germans.

However, this could change because of this overseas soon we arrived authentic sports car – Felino CB7!


Goodyear i8000 120-Volt Direct Drive Tire Inflator

Even serious connoisseurs of automotive developments, brand Felino is unknown. On the other hand, many Canadians have heard about it already. At stake is a company that for ten years dealing with motoring through participation in sports competitions.


Nissan 350Z Rich New World Record Drifting

Both Nissan 370Z become stars these days in Dubai, as entered in the Guinness Book of Records with “synchronized” drifting total length of 28.5 kilometers.

Automotive definitely becoming one of the areas in which, most recently set new records for Guinness … Once a week ago we witnessed a new record of 10 complete “pirouettes” on a moving car, the other day, in the celebrated “book records “and enter the enterprise two same” drifter “.


Namely, Jordanian Ahmad Dachau and Irishman James Dean, set a new record in the “double” synchronized drift, with a total length of 28.5 kilometers. This venture is “sponsored” by the Middle East branch of Nissan, Nissan Middle Eeast, which provide two sports models 370Z.

Nissan 350Z Duel Drifting :

Lamborghini Huracan and “tuned” Nissan GT-R in Drag Race – Challenge ???

One of the most popular super sports cars currently the world’s Nissan GT-R. As would be when a relatively “normal cost” to 100,000 euros, you get performance in a range of significantly more expensive, prestigious and exotic cars. Especially often this wonderful car to observe the popular drag racing, where the GT-R is a totally solid, mostly thanks to the excellent Launch Control and drive 4×4, despite the great weight and excessive force.




This time “the line” out new Lamborghini Huracan, who in series edition releases 610 horsepower while the GT-R is modified by the Dutch company Total Car Concept, and owns GT800 turbo kit and HKS exhaust system, which on paper at least provides almost 200 “horses” more than the Huracan. By doing so, Lamborghini driver seems hardly very professional in the change of gear, because several times found in the “blockade” …

Check This  =>>

Lamborghini Huracan and “tuned” Nissan GT-R Battle :


Crazy Car Race Furious: Who Is The Winner?

Crazy Car Race!!! The Malaysian Highway linking Karak and Kuala Lumpur, recently recorded “race” between the drivers of Nissan GT-R, two Ferrari 458 and another vehicle that was shot the entire “action”, but follow his friends with speed great cars.

Southeast Asia is becoming more richer, and along with it and the car market is more exotic, so it lately witnessed numerous “parades” of Lamborghini cars, Ferrari, Nissan, Porshe … held at that part of the world, primarily in Malaysia but also in Singapore too.

Of course, with frequent and pictures of crazy chasing the auto road, similar to the popular Gumball.



How this kind of driving is dangerous, not only actors, but also on other road users, don’t talk now.

Crazy Car Race – Watch The Video :

Fastest Speed Car In The World We Know, But Do We Know Fastest Bus Speed ? A School Bus “fly” With 590 km/h !

If you are a school bus driver and regularly late because of some irresponsible children, it is time seriously to “upgrade” the bus and no problem to get a race against time, use max fastest bus speed!

Although to us it is not the custom in some parts of the US and Europe have a special practice school bus to come after the children and to take them to school. Surely you know this or somewhere a movie you’ve seen that bus “trumpets” and the children rush to prepare for school and leaving home. Well, if these things happen regularly, then someone always late for classes. It is time that something be done.



– If you already have to teach your children to mind, as it protects all possible and impossible laws, then it is best to modify the bus, is not it ?, wrote the Daily Mail.

Genssi Turbo Sound Maker Tip Large 30mm

Genssi Turbo Sound Maker Tip Large 30mm

Given that there is already some time, and some will be great news, but for those uninitiated, we present “School Time”, which drives the bus, believe it or not, General Electric J79 engine with “rocket engine”, just the same as using and combat aircraft F-4 Phantom II! It allows to reach the 590 km / h, due to the complete construction of the bus has been enhanced in order to keep such burdens. Now we have chance to see fastest bus speed in the world, but don’t worry this is only for track not for street !!!

If you want a fast ride, check this video with Fastest Bus Speed in the World :

Nissan GTR Less Mind, More Money For The Asphalt Beast

These videos lately increasingly available on the Internet, especially on social networks, but this time, instead Ferrari or Porsche, the main role of “smart ass” we owns Nissan GT-R.

This days, it seems that money to buy an exotic car comes much easier than before, especially in the United States, and therefore does not need to wonder if you usually watch these videos of “new born” drivers that are permanently changing “personal description “of his exotic car. One of the last in the series is the Nissan GT-R, which some argue that thanks to abundant high technology is “boring” for a ride!

Nissan-GTR-on-Street-With-Less Mind

However, it seems the owner of this GT-R proved that you can still experience a “nervous breakdown”, especially when turning at the intersection click the “board” of the gas and it is expected that the car will be back on the road “by itself”. The whole Fortunately, the car has escaped severe consequences, primarily traffic sign and fence beside the road.

Nissan GTR less mind more many for the asphalt beast : 

Road Karma is Beach – Ensure For What We Talk About

Some time we say karma is beach is that true or not ? Is that true road karma is beach? What happens when you come across drivers who really are true idiots? Do what needs to happen will happen or taking things into yours own hands. This video shows how two drivers to solve the problem, when one driver not want other driver to pass. One have right and the other does not. What happens next?


Starts hassle when you see it, but not with words, but with cars. How much can be mad people! Lets see whole video with two mad drivers and see the end. If you interesting this video – Welcome to our website Cars Madness / Madness On The Wheels

Road Karma is Beach, Check the video  :

Beasts Hot Rods Driving On Road

Hot Rod is one of the most interesting in today’s terms, we may be witnessing a very interesting and explosive events. Today will present an interesting and memorable performance with real Hot Rod cars looks like a real enjoyment to the streets across the city and beyond.

Listen to the engine sound that is truly a beast waiting to be released, this is actually an agreeable driving in an urban environment. Imagine that his action can only be made ​​when the beast would liberated to drive freely without any obstacles. What attracted attention among the population and which desires to open and they feel this unforgettable ride.


Among other cars look like real rebels waiting to be caused to a duel and prove their power. By track two beasts and timeless look while riding the streets. Enjoy the video that follows, enjoy the ride of both Hot Rod’s. Be part of this interesting journey.

Check Video With  Two Beasts Hot Rods Driving On Road :