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1986 Pontiac Firebird and Driver David Hasselhoff Return Kitt From Knight Rider – Movie Icon

For all car lovers who enjoy film icons – car hero. This video takes you back in time and awoke many memories of life from childhood. You will see David Hasselhoff and how he drive the car and recalls moments from the film, as people grew as he watched that movie and their desire to own Pontiac Firebird 1986 movie Knight Rider.

It was a great TV show that everyone remembered the car who fought crime and has too many advanced innovation and one of the greatest features is that it was known as the car with its own character or alive car 1986 Pontiac Firebird – Kitt From Knight Rider with Driver David Hasselhoff. Stay on our website and see the video and enjoy your feelings while you back in time, the youth of your life.


See the video the unique 1986 Pontiac Firebird With David Hasselhoff – Knight Rider:

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Old School Drag Racing – Enjoy !

Old School Drag Racing Pro Mods, Too much smoke, powerful sound engines, force duel, different design, drivers, turbo, hot race, tuning, rocket propulsion, much adrenaline, entertainment, real beasts engines over 800 hp, speed, smell of burnt rubber …  Do you want more? Want more madness on the wheels?  Then you must view video’s, check it :



Drag Racing 01 :

Video Clips : Crazy Cars With 30-inch Wheels, Check This !!!

Most people think that the lower suspension gives a better view of the car, the tuning companies around the world brings quite a good income by making people want that look. Yet there are those who think in the opposite direction from that low suspension.


Crazy Cars With Above 30-inch Wheels Florida :

Gear Alloy Big Block 20 Chrome Wheel / Rim 6x135 & 6x5.5 with a -19mm Offset and a 108 Hub Bore. Partnumber 726C-2106819

Although at first glance it sounds crazy, some people liked the larger wheels, it’s no trouble to bring him his favorite 30-inch and even larger wheels. So they get a completely different car that is quite different from those that are low and glued to the asphalt. It seems that this phenomenon is especially noticeable on the streets of Florida.


Crazy Cars With 32-inch Wheels Dodge Charger: