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Nissan GTR, Believe Me You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This on The Streets …

In this video, all members of our editorial board had mild dizziness and could not believe their own eyes.

Believe me, we are still being impressed, but hardly wait for this amazing video to share with you. In it, Nissan GT-R R35 driving down the highway when the car (of which actually captures), approaching clearly putting that knowledge wants duel.


Licensed Nissan GTR R35 NISMO GT3 Electric Remote Control RC Car 1:16 Scale Ready to Run RTR w/ Bright LED Front & Rear Lights (Colors May Vary)

The moment the car will overtake by Nissan, anyone would think that the battle is over for the winning vehicle it produces incredible sound engine, which does not give much hope for the opponent. But wait a minute, what was that ?!

Nissan GTR. Guaranteed, you’ve never seen anything like this on the streets …

Nissan GT-R AMS Have You Seen This Before? Relentlessly Brutal Power Speed in Drag Race

Brutal speed, relentless at the start, unstoppable as ever. Impossible Nissan GT-R breaking all records as a timeless car that is simply unstoppable. Fans of the Nissan GT-R can be proud of it. This is one more show how is take all wins like joke, but that we can’t say for other opponent and their cars. For some one is just fun, for all other cars race is tough and serious work. For brutal beast Nissan GT-R is the only game in which wins every drag race, even though it gives them the advantage, at the end of the race passes like wind.


Edge Products 83830 CTS Insight Monitor

Check This Unforgettable Video, Nisan GT-R Top Speed world record :

Nissan 350Z Rich New World Record Drifting

Both Nissan 370Z become stars these days in Dubai, as entered in the Guinness Book of Records with “synchronized” drifting total length of 28.5 kilometers.

Automotive definitely becoming one of the areas in which, most recently set new records for Guinness … Once a week ago we witnessed a new record of 10 complete “pirouettes” on a moving car, the other day, in the celebrated “book records “and enter the enterprise two same” drifter “.


Namely, Jordanian Ahmad Dachau and Irishman James Dean, set a new record in the “double” synchronized drift, with a total length of 28.5 kilometers. This venture is “sponsored” by the Middle East branch of Nissan, Nissan Middle Eeast, which provide two sports models 370Z.

Nissan 350Z Duel Drifting :

Jeep Grand Cherokee Real Monster in Drag Race – Alone Against All

Once Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 to “drag” racing beat Aventador, Corvette, and even GT-R, the order arrived grand showdown with “tyning” BMW M3 E46.






Although models of Jeep, even if he was powerful Grand Cherokee SRT8, is far from a racing machine, obviously the potential is here, even for a “drag” race. In the standard version, SRT8 releases 420 horsepower from the big 6.1-liter V8 engine. But the SRT8 is far from it, because under the hood lies 7.4-liter twit-turbo monster!




See what happened with Jeep Grand Cherokee :

Lamborghini Huracan and “tuned” Nissan GT-R in Drag Race – Challenge ???

One of the most popular super sports cars currently the world’s Nissan GT-R. As would be when a relatively “normal cost” to 100,000 euros, you get performance in a range of significantly more expensive, prestigious and exotic cars. Especially often this wonderful car to observe the popular drag racing, where the GT-R is a totally solid, mostly thanks to the excellent Launch Control and drive 4×4, despite the great weight and excessive force.




This time “the line” out new Lamborghini Huracan, who in series edition releases 610 horsepower while the GT-R is modified by the Dutch company Total Car Concept, and owns GT800 turbo kit and HKS exhaust system, which on paper at least provides almost 200 “horses” more than the Huracan. By doing so, Lamborghini driver seems hardly very professional in the change of gear, because several times found in the “blockade” …

Check This  =>>

Lamborghini Huracan and “tuned” Nissan GT-R Battle :


Crazy Car Race Furious: Who Is The Winner?

Crazy Car Race!!! The Malaysian Highway linking Karak and Kuala Lumpur, recently recorded “race” between the drivers of Nissan GT-R, two Ferrari 458 and another vehicle that was shot the entire “action”, but follow his friends with speed great cars.

Southeast Asia is becoming more richer, and along with it and the car market is more exotic, so it lately witnessed numerous “parades” of Lamborghini cars, Ferrari, Nissan, Porshe … held at that part of the world, primarily in Malaysia but also in Singapore too.

Of course, with frequent and pictures of crazy chasing the auto road, similar to the popular Gumball.



How this kind of driving is dangerous, not only actors, but also on other road users, don’t talk now.

Crazy Car Race – Watch The Video :

Nissan GT-R Challenge, Tesla Model S Attacks

Nissan GT-R for years is one of the fastest “sprinters” in the class of serial super sports cars, and this time “the struggle” has come electric car Tesla Model S.

Dragster racing between standard serial samples are becoming popular,  and one of the main challenges is certainly to “take the scalp” the Nissan GT-R. This time the line came pretty unusual opponent in the form of Tesla Model S which boasts a 422 horsepower delivered to the rear wheels, as well as 601 Nm available from the start.

NIssan GTR Challange vs Tesla S

“Godzilla” GT-R releases 550 horses and 628 Nm of torque that is transferred to all four wheels, which is very important. However, the greatest handicap when it comes to electric limousines lies in the fact that the Tesla Model S is heavy over two tons, ie 2108 kilograms, which is almost 400 kilograms more than the “Godzilla”. But even like this, Tesla keeps well and provides solid “resistance”! Take a look:

Nissan GT-R VS. Tesla S Drag Race

Nissan GTR Less Mind, More Money For The Asphalt Beast

These videos lately increasingly available on the Internet, especially on social networks, but this time, instead Ferrari or Porsche, the main role of “smart ass” we owns Nissan GT-R.

This days, it seems that money to buy an exotic car comes much easier than before, especially in the United States, and therefore does not need to wonder if you usually watch these videos of “new born” drivers that are permanently changing “personal description “of his exotic car. One of the last in the series is the Nissan GT-R, which some argue that thanks to abundant high technology is “boring” for a ride!

Nissan-GTR-on-Street-With-Less Mind

However, it seems the owner of this GT-R proved that you can still experience a “nervous breakdown”, especially when turning at the intersection click the “board” of the gas and it is expected that the car will be back on the road “by itself”. The whole Fortunately, the car has escaped severe consequences, primarily traffic sign and fence beside the road.

Nissan GTR less mind more many for the asphalt beast :