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Smart Digital Car Registration Plates

The Reviver Auto company with California car dealers offers digital license plates called Rplate, the size of the standard, but resembling the iPad, costing just as much as $ 699 for installation and $ 7 per month.

What does this expensive high-tech registration plates offer to ordinary users?

Firstly, it automatically registers the vehicle – there is no need to rebuild via the online service and add a new sticker to the board. The location of the vehicle can be monitored if it is stolen, and it can personalize the appearance of the information it displays.


Smart Digital Registration Plates

Rplate can automatically charge tolls and parking as well as display information important to other drivers (for example, when a police searches for a vehicle, its description is written on the board if someone notices it to appear). Unfortunately it can also be the target of hacker attacks in the future because in order to pay these things, you will probably need to have some access to information related to your bank account or cards.

Volvo S90 Excellence, New Experience in Luxury

Shanghai was the introduction of a new model Volvo S90, along with new variants sofa S90 Excellence, which Vice President of design department of the company said to represent the vision for the future completely autonomous models of the brand.

Volvo S90 Excellence

Genuine Leather Car Key Case Cover for Volvo XC90 S90 2016 2017 Key Wallet Holder Key Bag

Volvo S90 Excellence variants will be designed for the Chinese market, and will offer exceptional luxury feel, thanks to (among other things) the wheelbase to 12cm higher than the “regular” model, full panoramic roof, working tables folding and adjustable footrest for passengers in the rear seats. The interior will be included and holders for cups that can cool or heat beverages, refrigerator with handmade crystal glasses from the Swedish manufacturer Orrefors, touchscreen control interface for those in the rear seats and extra storage space.

China will be offered a series of T4 and T5 petrol engines, while the T8 Twin Engine Hybrid variant with 406 HP, acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 5.3 seconds and CO2 emissions of 50g/km is expected to hit European market next summer.

Volvo S90 Excellence

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Bentley Continental GT, Big Opponent

Bentley Continental GT model has existed for 13 years, but despite the large number of improvements, design, technology and architecture have not significantly changed during that time.

That will change with powerful, economical and luxurious next generation Bentley plan to present in 2018.

Key to this will be redesigned chassis which will be located in this two-door coupe. MSB platform, which uses the new Porsche Panamera, is significantly lighter than the architecture used by current Continental. The new chassis will facilitate model around 150kg, thanks to the new aluminum body and new engines.

The previous models will come with a new 6.0-liter W12 engine with 608 horsepower that first occurred in Bentayga SUV, and will be offered and weaker 4.0 liter V8 twin turbo engine.

Bentley Continental GT – Bentley Continental GT Spied Again, 6 Headlights Look Fabulous

CEO of Bentley said that there is interest in plug-in hybrid version of the new Continental, which is expected to take a combination of Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid – 2.9 liter V6 petrol engine and electric, which combined will have an output of 460 hp force

The company will probably first introduced diesel variants of this model with 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine Bentayga.

Spy photos show that the body will take many elements of the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept unveiled at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, from which emerges a new two-seater sports probably called Barnato – while Continental will have a practical 2 + 2 seating layout.

Continental GT version will appear first, to be followed by the convertible GTC

Bentley Continental GT Spy Video Tested on the Nurburgring

Rolls Royce Dawn Inspired by Fashion

Rolls Royce already has one of the most comprehensive lists of additional features compared with all the other car makers, and it is now complemented by another: the model Dawn -Inspired by Fashion.

This luxury convertible with the roof down getting a new palette of colors and a multitude of new materials for the interior.

Dawn variant was created by a team of top designers from the world of fashion, luxury accessories and sophisticated materials as part of the Spring / Summer collection for 2017. The exterior is in “Andalusian white” color, with accents in one of three available bold colors for the roof and various accents on exterior and interior – Cobalto Blue, Mandarin and Mugello Red.

Rolls Royce Dawn Extremly Luxury
Rolls Royce Dawn Luxury Life

The interior is in black and white with accents in color, and the front and rear doors have inserted silk, and Spirit of Ecstasy emblem on every door.

White dashboard looks like it is made of silky material, and it is due to aluminum particles embedded at the finish line, through a process that lasts for 9 days for a car.

Responsible for the design of the Rolls-Royce Dawn to Giles Taylor (director of design company), Cherica Haye (specialist textile Royal College of Art) and Michelle Lusby (expert on skin that has worked for Mulberry, a company known for exceptional quality leather products).

Rolls Royce Dawn Drop-head Review – Test Drive:

Lamborghini Luxury Cars, Gallardo LP560-4 Irresistible Perfection of Car

Lamborghini Luxury Cars with Gallardo LP560-4 offer features like no other. This car can rich every focus of eyes on it. Underground car made for driving at light on day directly in center of city. Agile, fast, elegant, clever, accurate, great stability. Best phone number collecting set, anti boredom assistant, you can get into all clubs function (club member), attention for all, talk of the town guarantee you will get, love on first look, territory protector, battle for prestige, long distance are not anymore obstacle, irresistible perfection of car, Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.



Lamborghini Gallardo Evo Racing Wheel for PS3 / PS2 / PC


Lamborghini Gallardo Evo Racing Wheel for PS3 / PS2 / PC

Lamborghini Gallardo Evo Racing Wheel for PS3 / PS2 / PC

Lamborghini Luxury Cars :

Sport Coupe GTE of Volkswagen at Geneva International Motor Show, Technology Innovation

Volkswagen in Geneva first presented the concept named Sport Coupe GTE, which is a kind of prelude to the new generation of model Passat CC.

The Auto Show in Geneva Volkswagen display some of its many interesting concepts, of which the most interesting audience probably was Sport Coupe Concept GTE, in fact, herald a new generation of the Passat CC.

Besides the classic bodywork forms for this class of vehicle, Sport Coupe GTE decorates and modern designed front of the vehicle, which will be the direction for the next generation of models of Volkswagen, and in that light groups are skillfully integrated into the big mask on front.


Motor unit concept is a hybrid system that makes up the 1.4 liter TSI unit and an electric motor, both for now still undiscovered by force. The car provides a fantastic consumption (if you can believe the factory data) of only two liters per 100 kilometers.

Full Review of Sport Coupe GTE of Volkswagen at Geneva International Motor Show :

Felino CB7 Car That Breathtaking, A New Challenge on The Road

The first model of the company Felino CB7 for the true lovers of the world of sports and competition, with his control can help you find the right comfort that you do not become professional “runners”.

Canada is known for … hmm … a high standard, low temperatures … Probably no one who has not lived in Canada can enumerate at least five authentic Canadian products and brands, but e fact that Canadians are not very well known by the general public anything, eg. as Italians or Germans.

However, this could change because of this overseas soon we arrived authentic sports car – Felino CB7!


Goodyear i8000 120-Volt Direct Drive Tire Inflator

Even serious connoisseurs of automotive developments, brand Felino is unknown. On the other hand, many Canadians have heard about it already. At stake is a company that for ten years dealing with motoring through participation in sports competitions.


Car Auctions for Unique Cars, Oldtimers

Roger Bailon was a passionate collector of cars, but what amazed his grandchildren will leave you speechless.

He collected cars from 1950 to 1970 and had a great desire to restore them. Unfortunately death prevented his mind. Collection inherited by his son Jacques, who died last year, then these cars belong to their grandchildren Roger.


At first they were not particularly interested in the old-timers of their grandfather, but one day they decided to call an expert to assess whether it is worth something “wreck” as called collection of cars. What I heard really surprised. Extra-Luxury-Oldtimer Egiptian-King-Oldtimer

Car Racing, Most Exciting Race This Year !!!

Each year car lovers eagerly awaiting “The world’s biggest drag race,” which forces them weigh cars that took part in the competition for the best driving machine, regardless of class, power and price …

American Motor Trend this year organized the popular long-awaited “World Greatest Drag Race”, which was attended by all the cars that competed this year for the best car. Besides the already known “people”, this year joined by Alfa Romeo 4C, BMW i8 and M4, Chevrolet Camaro Z / 28, Jaguar F-Type R, and the new Subaru WRX STI.


Rondel Meatball Race Car Number Kit, Vinyl Peel & Stick DecalsRondel Meatball Race Car Number Kit, Vinyl Peel & Stick Decals

As now, the big “drag” race is held on the airport runway at El Toro base in California, and the order was eventually … Watch the video and find out. The first two might not be such a big surprise, but third-placed “new model” achieved an excellent result.

Car Racing, hmmm, lets check the video :

Ferrari, New Car Concept With Amazing Speed – 500 km/h

Young car designers do not cease pleasantly surprised with how brave and futuristic are their “concepts”.
The designers of cars, specifically the “artistic” people, Ferrari is an inexhaustible source of inspiration whether it be for work or for retro futuristic ideas, as in this case. Adriano Rael present his views on the hipercar Ferrari, who in a near future could succeed LaFerrari.

The concept called F80, moves the V8 twin-turbo engine from 900 hp, assisted by KERS system which releases additional 300 horses. Combined with incredible small table (on 800 pounds), this hipercar, theoretically of course, the 100-km/h would reach in just two seconds, while top speed would amount to amazing speed 500 km/h !!!


Of course, this is just one of the dreams of young designers, who can be always attractive, but how much is really “objective”, and realistically feasible, that is already other question.

See Video For More Visual Pleasure – FERRARI F80 SUPERCAR CONCEPT :

Porsche Cars, 911 Turbo S Redesign and More Power

Porsche cars always have a new trump card that attacks the market for cars. Soon to present redesign 911 Turbo S, and tests of popular Nurburgring track entering the final phase.
These days the German track is recorded and the prototype of the new edition of the Porsche 911, which is likely to debut at auto show in Paris, and that he is concerned only new “makeup” confirms the following video, where test driver goes almost to limits of this car, often drift emerged from the whirl with all four wheels.

Namely, according to the announcements, Turbo S will be powered 4×4.


Watch the aggressive video of 911 Turbo S Redesigned with More Power :

Lamborghini Hurricane LP 610 Spectacular Duel Sky vs. Earth, Who Wins?

Promotional races between fighter jets and super sports cars have always been top notch, spectacular entertainment.

The recently held a spectacular event “Forsazh 2014” in place Zhukovsky near Moscow, the audience had the chance to enjoy not only the show of modern fighter aircraft of the Russian Air Force, but in “duels” with latest exotic cars around the world.

One of the interesting challenge was a “race” between Sukhoi Su 30 and  Lamborghini Hurricane LP 610, of course in nature promotional.

Lamborghini Hurricane LP 610 Wins? – Check Video !!!

Nissan GT-R Challenge, Tesla Model S Attacks

Nissan GT-R for years is one of the fastest “sprinters” in the class of serial super sports cars, and this time “the struggle” has come electric car Tesla Model S.

Dragster racing between standard serial samples are becoming popular,  and one of the main challenges is certainly to “take the scalp” the Nissan GT-R. This time the line came pretty unusual opponent in the form of Tesla Model S which boasts a 422 horsepower delivered to the rear wheels, as well as 601 Nm available from the start.

NIssan GTR Challange vs Tesla S

“Godzilla” GT-R releases 550 horses and 628 Nm of torque that is transferred to all four wheels, which is very important. However, the greatest handicap when it comes to electric limousines lies in the fact that the Tesla Model S is heavy over two tons, ie 2108 kilograms, which is almost 400 kilograms more than the “Godzilla”. But even like this, Tesla keeps well and provides solid “resistance”! Take a look:

Nissan GT-R VS. Tesla S Drag Race

La Ferrari XX Caught at Monza – Rocket With Standard Design

Already shared on how the makers of Ferrari working on La Ferrari XX model, a car that now it is “caught” one of the most famous tracks in F1 – Monza. On the video, you can hear how this model emits great sound through which represent his power.


The knee Antonello said that this model has improved aerodynamic solutions, advanced electronics, sports suspension and racing tires. It also added that the new models will have the same power as standard.

However, the latest information we find out that this model should be developed 1064 KS or 101 KS more than the standard model of Ferrari. Thus La Ferrari XX should be the first rocket since the standard performance, speeds up 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 350 km/h.

La Ferrari XX, Rocket With Standard Design :