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CityAirbus Flying Taxis

Airbus plans to activate its flying taxi called CityAirbus the following year, and this announcement came after a successful test of the spacecraft that landed and landed vertically.

CityAirbus is powered exclusively with batteries (with electric Siemens engines of 100 KW), and uses 4 propellers to move through densely populated cities and other similar environments, and can carry up to 4 people.


Chief Engineer of Airbus, Marius Bebesel, said that they now have a better understanding of the performance of the CityAirbus’s innovative electric propulsion system, and that they will continue to advance through rigorous testing during the complete demonstration of the flight of this vehicle.

His first test is scheduled for the end of 2018, and will first be driven remotely before a human pilot enters it. When it is available for commercial use, it will be able to travel on fixed routes with a maximum speed of 120 km / h, and although it is a fully autonomous aircraft, the first flights will be made by pilots to facilitate certification and public acceptance.

In the next few years we are expected to see even more flying taxi and various services, as this technology will be promoted and tested. For example, German startup company E-volo plans to launch a taxi service next year, and Uber has promised that their taxi will fly in 2020. The German company Lilium, meanwhile, has only received funding of $ 90 million to develop their complete an electric tax that should be used commercially until 2025


Smart Digital Car Registration Plates

The Reviver Auto company with California car dealers offers digital license plates called Rplate, the size of the standard, but resembling the iPad, costing just as much as $ 699 for installation and $ 7 per month.

What does this expensive high-tech registration plates offer to ordinary users?

Firstly, it automatically registers the vehicle – there is no need to rebuild via the online service and add a new sticker to the board. The location of the vehicle can be monitored if it is stolen, and it can personalize the appearance of the information it displays.


Smart Digital Registration Plates

Rplate can automatically charge tolls and parking as well as display information important to other drivers (for example, when a police searches for a vehicle, its description is written on the board if someone notices it to appear). Unfortunately it can also be the target of hacker attacks in the future because in order to pay these things, you will probably need to have some access to information related to your bank account or cards.

DeLorean DMC-12 Comeback From Future, Again !!!

DeLorean Motor Company will “resurrect” the car was one of the “stars” in the Back to the Future (Back to the Future) trilogy of the 80’s, famous DeLorean DMC-12.

DeLorean DMC-12 Comeback

DeLorean DMC-12 Comeback From Future
1981 Delorean Time Machine From Back to the Future I 1/24 by Collectable Diecast

Thanks to a new law passed by the US government (which allows low-volume production), DeLorean Motor Company in whole 34 years would start to produce this car, specifically the model DMC-12 (which was the only model), best known after his “role” in Back to the Future trilogy 80s. So far, the company survived by rehabilitating old DeLorean-and (some 9000, as they were sold), owned by various enthusiasts.

The original company was founded in 1975 by John DeLorean, but went bankrupt in 1982, despite the efforts of John to save money derived from drug trafficking. In 1995, the mechanic Stephen Wayne founded the DeLorean Motor, and then bought all the remaining parts of the original company logo.

1989 DeLorean DMC Behind

The original model used a V6 engine of Renault, but it is unclear what the new model will use. The company plans to add better brakes and suspension to make the car better driving on modern roads. The plan is to make around 4 new cars a month, which would cost nearly $ 100,000, and would come on the market in early 2017. By comparison, restored old models cost from $ 45,000 to $ 55 000th

DeLorean DMC-12 Movie Video: