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Jeep Grand Cherokee Real Monster in Drag Race – Alone Against All

Once Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 to “drag” racing beat Aventador, Corvette, and even GT-R, the order arrived grand showdown with “tyning” BMW M3 E46.






Although models of Jeep, even if he was powerful Grand Cherokee SRT8, is far from a racing machine, obviously the potential is here, even for a “drag” race. In the standard version, SRT8 releases 420 horsepower from the big 6.1-liter V8 engine. But the SRT8 is far from it, because under the hood lies 7.4-liter twit-turbo monster!




See what happened with Jeep Grand Cherokee :

Mustang Best Events This Day ! Muscle Cars, Same Family

Mustang best events this day! This is one of the best show for the Mustang. Event that everyone’s talking about and is keener to be there among all these incredible cars. Any performances from old models to the latest Mustang 2015. Tuning and the Best Muscle Cars Ever. Rest eye, the soul’s pleasure, for everyone has something. This is a dream to be among the best models of Mustang, Different colors, shapes, rims, models, engines, sounds of power. Only for true fans of Muscle Cars.


Mustang Best Events, See This Video and Enjoy :

Old School Drag Racing – Enjoy !

Old School Drag Racing Pro Mods, Too much smoke, powerful sound engines, force duel, different design, drivers, turbo, hot race, tuning, rocket propulsion, much adrenaline, entertainment, real beasts engines over 800 hp, speed, smell of burnt rubber …  Do you want more? Want more madness on the wheels?  Then you must view video’s, check it :



Drag Racing 01 :

Mustang Is Reborn Like Beast – Check For What We Talking About !!!

American History, old legendary body, new technology and better more aggressive engine is combination of this car – The Real Thing. In the garage mustang is reborn like beast is reborn new hero in blood color. Impressive dеsign, distinctive appearance, but totally new car. Every part is made with a lot love and honor to this beast car. Out of garage this car boost your heart, rise temperature of your body, make wish to be owner to this car.


Powerful impression is so strong especially for “father” of this car, real driver-for this car. After many years he see again his old love in new fresh look. He can’t explained the feeling how is deep, and the meaning of to be together again with old friend, how he remain to old glory. See this amazing video for this reborn Ford Mustang.

American Hero, Mustang Is Reborn Like Beast :

The Real Thing from Public Record on Vimeo.

Video Clips : Crazy Cars With 30-inch Wheels, Check This !!!

Most people think that the lower suspension gives a better view of the car, the tuning companies around the world brings quite a good income by making people want that look. Yet there are those who think in the opposite direction from that low suspension.


Crazy Cars With Above 30-inch Wheels Florida :

Gear Alloy Big Block 20 Chrome Wheel / Rim 6x135 & 6x5.5 with a -19mm Offset and a 108 Hub Bore. Partnumber 726C-2106819

Although at first glance it sounds crazy, some people liked the larger wheels, it’s no trouble to bring him his favorite 30-inch and even larger wheels. So they get a completely different car that is quite different from those that are low and glued to the asphalt. It seems that this phenomenon is especially noticeable on the streets of Florida.


Crazy Cars With 32-inch Wheels Dodge Charger:

The Legendary Bullitt Mustang for 21st Century

Arguments about the best Mustang ever usually talk about two legendary cars: McQueen-the beast from the movie Bullitt and Beauty Eleonor of Gone in 60 seconds. For those who are more inclined towards the first model to have a real dessert for fans – Mustang.


Before you are photographs of Mustang a several years old, which is to become modified reflection of asphalt. Ford Mustang wants to do globally appealing car, and therefore have less chance in the future to see a new generation that will resemble the patterns from the golden age of “American Muscle Cars”. This car bullitt mustang we can say is really star in USA.