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Car Auctions for Unique Cars, Oldtimers

Roger Bailon was a passionate collector of cars, but what amazed his grandchildren will leave you speechless.

He collected cars from 1950 to 1970 and had a great desire to restore them. Unfortunately death prevented his mind. Collection inherited by his son Jacques, who died last year, then these cars belong to their grandchildren Roger.


At first they were not particularly interested in the old-timers of their grandfather, but one day they decided to call an expert to assess whether it is worth something “wreck” as called collection of cars. What I heard really surprised. Extra-Luxury-Oldtimer Egiptian-King-Oldtimer

Crazy Car Race Furious: Who Is The Winner?

Crazy Car Race!!! The Malaysian Highway linking Karak and Kuala Lumpur, recently recorded “race” between the drivers of Nissan GT-R, two Ferrari 458 and another vehicle that was shot the entire “action”, but follow his friends with speed great cars.

Southeast Asia is becoming more richer, and along with it and the car market is more exotic, so it lately witnessed numerous “parades” of Lamborghini cars, Ferrari, Nissan, Porshe … held at that part of the world, primarily in Malaysia but also in Singapore too.

Of course, with frequent and pictures of crazy chasing the auto road, similar to the popular Gumball.



How this kind of driving is dangerous, not only actors, but also on other road users, don’t talk now.

Crazy Car Race – Watch The Video :

Car Racing, Most Exciting Race This Year !!!

Each year car lovers eagerly awaiting “The world’s biggest drag race,” which forces them weigh cars that took part in the competition for the best driving machine, regardless of class, power and price …

American Motor Trend this year organized the popular long-awaited “World Greatest Drag Race”, which was attended by all the cars that competed this year for the best car. Besides the already known “people”, this year joined by Alfa Romeo 4C, BMW i8 and M4, Chevrolet Camaro Z / 28, Jaguar F-Type R, and the new Subaru WRX STI.


Rondel Meatball Race Car Number Kit, Vinyl Peel & Stick DecalsRondel Meatball Race Car Number Kit, Vinyl Peel & Stick Decals

As now, the big “drag” race is held on the airport runway at El Toro base in California, and the order was eventually … Watch the video and find out. The first two might not be such a big surprise, but third-placed “new model” achieved an excellent result.

Car Racing, hmmm, lets check the video :

Ferrari, New Car Concept With Amazing Speed – 500 km/h

Young car designers do not cease pleasantly surprised with how brave and futuristic are their “concepts”.
The designers of cars, specifically the “artistic” people, Ferrari is an inexhaustible source of inspiration whether it be for work or for retro futuristic ideas, as in this case. Adriano Rael present his views on the hipercar Ferrari, who in a near future could succeed LaFerrari.

The concept called F80, moves the V8 twin-turbo engine from 900 hp, assisted by KERS system which releases additional 300 horses. Combined with incredible small table (on 800 pounds), this hipercar, theoretically of course, the 100-km/h would reach in just two seconds, while top speed would amount to amazing speed 500 km/h !!!


Of course, this is just one of the dreams of young designers, who can be always attractive, but how much is really “objective”, and realistically feasible, that is already other question.

See Video For More Visual Pleasure – FERRARI F80 SUPERCAR CONCEPT :

La Ferrari XX Caught at Monza – Rocket With Standard Design

Already shared on how the makers of Ferrari working on La Ferrari XX model, a car that now it is “caught” one of the most famous tracks in F1 – Monza. On the video, you can hear how this model emits great sound through which represent his power.


The knee Antonello said that this model has improved aerodynamic solutions, advanced electronics, sports suspension and racing tires. It also added that the new models will have the same power as standard.

However, the latest information we find out that this model should be developed 1064 KS or 101 KS more than the standard model of Ferrari. Thus La Ferrari XX should be the first rocket since the standard performance, speeds up 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 350 km/h.

La Ferrari XX, Rocket With Standard Design :

LaFerrari suffered in Monte Carlo! LaFerrari VS VW Golf VI

While only “glowing” green LaFerrari, owned by the famous singer Jay Kay entertain audiences of the popular Goodwood Festival of Speed, one sample with red serial number 199508 unfortunately suffered an accident and in the center of Monte Carlo.

Exotic car had a “close encounter” with Volkswagen Golf VI, which according last information, VW Golf VI not respected prior to passing the junction, after which it advanced upon Ferrari.


Fortunately, no one in the accident was injured, and even property damage is not “heart attack”, although it is certain that even small, it will be quite a lot. Bad situation LaFerrari VS VW Golf VI finish with a lot damage.