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Nissan GTR, Believe Me You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This on The Streets …

In this video, all members of our editorial board had mild dizziness and could not believe their own eyes.

Believe me, we are still being impressed, but hardly wait for this amazing video to share with you. In it, Nissan GT-R R35 driving down the highway when the car (of which actually captures), approaching clearly putting that knowledge wants duel.


Licensed Nissan GTR R35 NISMO GT3 Electric Remote Control RC Car 1:16 Scale Ready to Run RTR w/ Bright LED Front & Rear Lights (Colors May Vary)

The moment the car will overtake by Nissan, anyone would think that the battle is over for the winning vehicle it produces incredible sound engine, which does not give much hope for the opponent. But wait a minute, what was that ?!

Nissan GTR. Guaranteed, you’ve never seen anything like this on the streets …

Toyota Supra Mark IV, Very Nervous With 1500 hp on Drag Race

And still one of the favorite drag machines Toyota Supra Mark IV, which in this case frees fantastic 1500 horsepower and huge wheels still slipping even in third gear!


The “tuning” may derive from her 2JZ-GTE engine, confirmed this video, where the first course is certified fantastic 1500 horsepower on wheels, and then a demonstration on the track, where the Toyota Supra Mark IV fly even in the third degree transmission, and up to 96 km / h reached incredible 1.32 seconds. For the control of the “beast” is desirable to have reflexes like mungos!

Toyota Supra Ct26 Turbo 7mgte Mk3 Turbocharger Oem Replacement New

Put your seat belt, it time for Fly with Toyota Supra Mark IV !!!

Toyota Supra Mark IV :

Nissan GT-R AMS Have You Seen This Before? Relentlessly Brutal Power Speed in Drag Race

Brutal speed, relentless at the start, unstoppable as ever. Impossible Nissan GT-R breaking all records as a timeless car that is simply unstoppable. Fans of the Nissan GT-R can be proud of it. This is one more show how is take all wins like joke, but that we can’t say for other opponent and their cars. For some one is just fun, for all other cars race is tough and serious work. For brutal beast Nissan GT-R is the only game in which wins every drag race, even though it gives them the advantage, at the end of the race passes like wind.


Edge Products 83830 CTS Insight Monitor

Check This Unforgettable Video, Nisan GT-R Top Speed world record :

Camaro, COPO CAMARO Black Edition 400 hp, Real Beast on Track

COPO CAMARO black edition is ready for war on track, under the hood is placed the real monster. On this model you will see LS Based 350 ci V-8, Turbo 400 hp, 2.9 Liter Whipple Supercharger. People look and can’t believe in it’ brutal power which released on track.


Chevy Camaro Side Vent Decal Kit

Preparing engine, all parameters for drag race. Interior is black and is scary same like and exterior.

The best COPO CAMARO choice for drag race you will see in the following video :

Jeep Grand Cherokee Real Monster in Drag Race – Alone Against All

Once Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 to “drag” racing beat Aventador, Corvette, and even GT-R, the order arrived grand showdown with “tyning” BMW M3 E46.






Although models of Jeep, even if he was powerful Grand Cherokee SRT8, is far from a racing machine, obviously the potential is here, even for a “drag” race. In the standard version, SRT8 releases 420 horsepower from the big 6.1-liter V8 engine. But the SRT8 is far from it, because under the hood lies 7.4-liter twit-turbo monster!




See what happened with Jeep Grand Cherokee :

Lamborghini Huracan and “tuned” Nissan GT-R in Drag Race – Challenge ???

One of the most popular super sports cars currently the world’s Nissan GT-R. As would be when a relatively “normal cost” to 100,000 euros, you get performance in a range of significantly more expensive, prestigious and exotic cars. Especially often this wonderful car to observe the popular drag racing, where the GT-R is a totally solid, mostly thanks to the excellent Launch Control and drive 4×4, despite the great weight and excessive force.




This time “the line” out new Lamborghini Huracan, who in series edition releases 610 horsepower while the GT-R is modified by the Dutch company Total Car Concept, and owns GT800 turbo kit and HKS exhaust system, which on paper at least provides almost 200 “horses” more than the Huracan. By doing so, Lamborghini driver seems hardly very professional in the change of gear, because several times found in the “blockade” …

Check This  =>>

Lamborghini Huracan and “tuned” Nissan GT-R Battle :


Car Racing, Most Exciting Race This Year !!!

Each year car lovers eagerly awaiting “The world’s biggest drag race,” which forces them weigh cars that took part in the competition for the best driving machine, regardless of class, power and price …

American Motor Trend this year organized the popular long-awaited “World Greatest Drag Race”, which was attended by all the cars that competed this year for the best car. Besides the already known “people”, this year joined by Alfa Romeo 4C, BMW i8 and M4, Chevrolet Camaro Z / 28, Jaguar F-Type R, and the new Subaru WRX STI.


Rondel Meatball Race Car Number Kit, Vinyl Peel & Stick DecalsRondel Meatball Race Car Number Kit, Vinyl Peel & Stick Decals

As now, the big “drag” race is held on the airport runway at El Toro base in California, and the order was eventually … Watch the video and find out. The first two might not be such a big surprise, but third-placed “new model” achieved an excellent result.

Car Racing, hmmm, lets check the video :

Fastest Speed Car In The World We Know, But Do We Know Fastest Bus Speed ? A School Bus “fly” With 590 km/h !

If you are a school bus driver and regularly late because of some irresponsible children, it is time seriously to “upgrade” the bus and no problem to get a race against time, use max fastest bus speed!

Although to us it is not the custom in some parts of the US and Europe have a special practice school bus to come after the children and to take them to school. Surely you know this or somewhere a movie you’ve seen that bus “trumpets” and the children rush to prepare for school and leaving home. Well, if these things happen regularly, then someone always late for classes. It is time that something be done.



– If you already have to teach your children to mind, as it protects all possible and impossible laws, then it is best to modify the bus, is not it ?, wrote the Daily Mail.

Genssi Turbo Sound Maker Tip Large 30mm

Genssi Turbo Sound Maker Tip Large 30mm

Given that there is already some time, and some will be great news, but for those uninitiated, we present “School Time”, which drives the bus, believe it or not, General Electric J79 engine with “rocket engine”, just the same as using and combat aircraft F-4 Phantom II! It allows to reach the 590 km / h, due to the complete construction of the bus has been enhanced in order to keep such burdens. Now we have chance to see fastest bus speed in the world, but don’t worry this is only for track not for street !!!

If you want a fast ride, check this video with Fastest Bus Speed in the World :

Lamborghini Hurricane LP 610 Spectacular Duel Sky vs. Earth, Who Wins?

Promotional races between fighter jets and super sports cars have always been top notch, spectacular entertainment.

The recently held a spectacular event “Forsazh 2014” in place Zhukovsky near Moscow, the audience had the chance to enjoy not only the show of modern fighter aircraft of the Russian Air Force, but in “duels” with latest exotic cars around the world.

One of the interesting challenge was a “race” between Sukhoi Su 30 and  Lamborghini Hurricane LP 610, of course in nature promotional.

Lamborghini Hurricane LP 610 Wins? – Check Video !!!

Nissan GT-R Challenge, Tesla Model S Attacks

Nissan GT-R for years is one of the fastest “sprinters” in the class of serial super sports cars, and this time “the struggle” has come electric car Tesla Model S.

Dragster racing between standard serial samples are becoming popular,  and one of the main challenges is certainly to “take the scalp” the Nissan GT-R. This time the line came pretty unusual opponent in the form of Tesla Model S which boasts a 422 horsepower delivered to the rear wheels, as well as 601 Nm available from the start.

NIssan GTR Challange vs Tesla S

“Godzilla” GT-R releases 550 horses and 628 Nm of torque that is transferred to all four wheels, which is very important. However, the greatest handicap when it comes to electric limousines lies in the fact that the Tesla Model S is heavy over two tons, ie 2108 kilograms, which is almost 400 kilograms more than the “Godzilla”. But even like this, Tesla keeps well and provides solid “resistance”! Take a look:

Nissan GT-R VS. Tesla S Drag Race

Old School Drag Racing – Enjoy !

Old School Drag Racing Pro Mods, Too much smoke, powerful sound engines, force duel, different design, drivers, turbo, hot race, tuning, rocket propulsion, much adrenaline, entertainment, real beasts engines over 800 hp, speed, smell of burnt rubber …  Do you want more? Want more madness on the wheels?  Then you must view video’s, check it :



Drag Racing 01 :