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Smart Digital Car Registration Plates

The Reviver Auto company with California car dealers offers digital license plates called Rplate, the size of the standard, but resembling the iPad, costing just as much as $ 699 for installation and $ 7 per month.

What does this expensive high-tech registration plates offer to ordinary users?

Firstly, it automatically registers the vehicle – there is no need to rebuild via the online service and add a new sticker to the board. The location of the vehicle can be monitored if it is stolen, and it can personalize the appearance of the information it displays.


Smart Digital Registration Plates

Rplate can automatically charge tolls and parking as well as display information important to other drivers (for example, when a police searches for a vehicle, its description is written on the board if someone notices it to appear). Unfortunately it can also be the target of hacker attacks in the future because in order to pay these things, you will probably need to have some access to information related to your bank account or cards.

Police Recommendation! Avoid Road Rage Always, Because You Can Regret Later

Interesting situations of everyday life that can be instructive. Do you belong to the group of drivers who are aggressive and always ready to fight with the driver from opposite car?  Do you enjoy at road rage ? Before you take any action better think. This video let exemplifies why it is better not to start a hassle when you have a problem on the road, when someone else drive you cut in front suddenly.



Keep More Safety on the Road –

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Avoid Road Rage, Check Out Why:

Nissan GTR Less Mind, More Money For The Asphalt Beast

These videos lately increasingly available on the Internet, especially on social networks, but this time, instead Ferrari or Porsche, the main role of “smart ass” we owns Nissan GT-R.

This days, it seems that money to buy an exotic car comes much easier than before, especially in the United States, and therefore does not need to wonder if you usually watch these videos of “new born” drivers that are permanently changing “personal description “of his exotic car. One of the last in the series is the Nissan GT-R, which some argue that thanks to abundant high technology is “boring” for a ride!

Nissan-GTR-on-Street-With-Less Mind

However, it seems the owner of this GT-R proved that you can still experience a “nervous breakdown”, especially when turning at the intersection click the “board” of the gas and it is expected that the car will be back on the road “by itself”. The whole Fortunately, the car has escaped severe consequences, primarily traffic sign and fence beside the road.

Nissan GTR less mind more many for the asphalt beast : 

Road Karma is Beach – Ensure For What We Talk About

Some time we say karma is beach is that true or not ? Is that true road karma is beach? What happens when you come across drivers who really are true idiots? Do what needs to happen will happen or taking things into yours own hands. This video shows how two drivers to solve the problem, when one driver not want other driver to pass. One have right and the other does not. What happens next?


Starts hassle when you see it, but not with words, but with cars. How much can be mad people! Lets see whole video with two mad drivers and see the end. If you interesting this video – Welcome to our website Cars Madness / Madness On The Wheels

Road Karma is Beach, Check the video  :

Lamborghini Gallardo Crushed In Hotel

Probably the biggest nightmare of parking services workers in luxury hotels to damage the car in their customer parking.

Now, imagine that this precious car no less, no more, but Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and you realize exactly how this worker felt that this exotic Italian car has done incredible damage from 240,000 euros.


This nightmare scenario became reality for Arun Kumar, a worker in “Le Meridien” five-star hotel in New Delhi India when trying to parking this Lamborghini belonging to a local businessman Abid Fateh Mohmed Katriju.

As you can see in the video, the young man lost control of the powerful car, crashed into another car and then crash into a concrete wall at high speed and also caused enormous damage to the front of the car.