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Nissan GTR Less Mind, More Money For The Asphalt Beast

These videos lately increasingly available on the Internet, especially on social networks, but this time, instead Ferrari or Porsche, the main role of “smart ass” we owns Nissan GT-R.

This days, it seems that money to buy an exotic car comes much easier than before, especially in the United States, and therefore does not need to wonder if you usually watch these videos of “new born” drivers that are permanently changing “personal description “of his exotic car. One of the last in the series is the Nissan GT-R, which some argue that thanks to abundant high technology is “boring” for a ride!

Nissan-GTR-on-Street-With-Less Mind

However, it seems the owner of this GT-R proved that you can still experience a “nervous breakdown”, especially when turning at the intersection click the “board” of the gas and it is expected that the car will be back on the road “by itself”. The whole Fortunately, the car has escaped severe consequences, primarily traffic sign and fence beside the road.

Nissan GTR less mind more many for the asphalt beast : 


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