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McLaren F1 GTR Beasts all Together in One Place, you Must Listen That Unrepeatable Sound

To see McLaren F1 GTR is experience that is remembered … and what should you say about the moment when you see even 16 beasts in one place !?


While most people in the world would not even meet someone super sports cult car like the McLaren F1, because it made only 106 copies, a few lucky ones who went to Goodwood track had the opportunity to see 16 such cars and the racing GTR version.

And not only that, but the owners of these McLaren F! GTR and how willing to ride on the track and make spectacular Track Day, which was marked by the sound of the BMW V12 engine of 6.0 liters. And as a bonus event filled a P1 GTR. Enjoy:

16x McLaren F1 GTR Insanely EPIC Exhaust Sound!

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