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Fat Burners



The biggest problem in the market for fat burners is their composition, which can often be problematic and questionable when it comes to health!
Red Zone equally considering cutting and burning of fat and the health of those who consume it!
Red Zone is the latest formula for burning fat.
In fact when he performed research on individual supplements found that the key components that make up the Red Zone, besides slower aging and made younger body, actively and effectively influence the removal of fat.

The conclusion is that the benefits of Red Zone are multiple:
Raises the fat melting at a high level, participate in achieving the definition and body shaping, delays fatigue, continuing training, provides energy by bringing oxygen to the muscles, which starts by burning deep fat significantly affect the general improvement of health, rejuvenates and cleanses the body.

Red Zone has excellent balanced composition of very useful and healthy components that put far above everyone else in the class of burners.

-PowerGrape ® is an extract of grape from Bordeauks vine (vitis vinifera), it is rich in flavonoids that are considered strongest antioxidants.
During the training PowerGrape reduces oxidizing processes that develop free radicals.

-Qoenzime Q-10 is also one of the best antioxidants
which is mostly used for rejuvenation make stronger the heart muscle. By consuming the Q-10 provides enough kilorod for all the muscles and organs in the body.

-BetaAlanine Proven its good properties in sports.
It increases levels of Carnosine, ensuring less fatigue and less amount of lactic acid in the muscles.
With BetaAlanin receive the necessary durability,
shorten recovery time between training sessions and even between sets

-Red Zone contain other useful components such as:

• Straight from the root of Asian ginseng
• Straight from the root of Ginger
• Extract from the root of Red Tea
• Straight seed Kola Oraha
• extract of the fruit Evodij
• Cayenne Pepper
• Black Pepper
• Caffeine

Red Zone is specially designed formula that creates a so-called
‘RED ZONE warmth’ that allows you to burn fat,
and finally your body to get the desired look.

Ultimate Nutrition Platinum Series, Carnitine Liquid, 12 Ounce Bottle

Ultimate Nutrition Presents carnitine in its purest form that can be found in the offer. L Carnitine helps the reasoning of fat in the body and their combustion for energy. L Carnitine activates fat metabolism, burn fat natalozhenoto, forcing him regeneration and beneficially affect the heart muscle. It is indispensable to training when you need to reduce fat from a specific body part. Straight ally for women who want to adjust their physique and also to stay curves where it is wanted. L Carnitine of Ultimate Nutrition in one tablespoon contains some 1,000 mg. Carnitine and 10 mg. Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) and contains no sugar at all. Vitamin B5 is credited with relaxing energy than carbs and fat and improves absorption of other vitamins.

Packing 355 ml.