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CityAirbus Flying Taxis

Airbus plans to activate its flying taxi called CityAirbus the following year, and this announcement came after a successful test of the spacecraft that landed and landed vertically.

CityAirbus is powered exclusively with batteries (with electric Siemens engines of 100 KW), and uses 4 propellers to move through densely populated cities and other similar environments, and can carry up to 4 people.


Chief Engineer of Airbus, Marius Bebesel, said that they now have a better understanding of the performance of the CityAirbus’s innovative electric propulsion system, and that they will continue to advance through rigorous testing during the complete demonstration of the flight of this vehicle.

His first test is scheduled for the end of 2018, and will first be driven remotely before a human pilot enters it. When it is available for commercial use, it will be able to travel on fixed routes with a maximum speed of 120 km / h, and although it is a fully autonomous aircraft, the first flights will be made by pilots to facilitate certification and public acceptance.

In the next few years we are expected to see even more flying taxi and various services, as this technology will be promoted and tested. For example, German startup company E-volo plans to launch a taxi service next year, and Uber has promised that their taxi will fly in 2020. The German company Lilium, meanwhile, has only received funding of $ 90 million to develop their complete an electric tax that should be used commercially until 2025


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